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Carnaval 2020 ideas?

Here am I, just picking out outfits for this years Carnaval 2020 which is coming up. Seeing it as I wont be able to go mexico with Kunal, he got me a hat.. whooping F****** yeah. I wonder if he sees how much I like it.. NOT by my face.

This guy is so cheap, that he just got me this lousy hat, nothing to accompany it!

TBH, im cool dressing up, usually I get a treat after the photo. This year though im just doing it for the gram, I wont actually be going to the carnaval. I hate it! and ill tell you why…

Once a year, there comes a day, when Carnaval comes to the island, that time of the year, all low brain power people like to get together and dress up as the very same thing they detest in life. It is that time of the year, I can get rid of those annoying noisy italians, canarians, mexicans that happen to live in my block. The peace is underrated.

Lets get this straight, the last thing I want, is to spend it with them x 100 more of them.

PS – its become a whorefest in the last years, pretty much like all canarian festivities. Ugly ass lowselfesteem abused snowflake kids pretending to be someone they not, yep, thats what our prev generation fought for.

Zelda dog wearing mexican hat
Like my hat? A little chinese girl made it, probably.

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