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where is my burger?

Today I had a burger, a burger I enjoyed a lot. It all started when Kunal left for his daily routines… or perhaps not.. no idea..

Why does not this human take me with him ever, he always goes outside and closes the door, i still don’t understand.

zelda getting burger from trash
One of the few times Zelda checked the trash…

What is curious is though he left me alone this time, outside the crate and did not come back… hmm i was scared to do anything as I thought he would pop up any time, but he surely gave me some time to enjoy that burger.

and boy I did enjoy that burger.. check it out on the camera he caught me with. So much for privacy… then again, we are india.. I think its the norm considering how much humans I have seen eating trash hmm.. others are very clean, I wonder wtf is going on, we animals tend to share with our own kind…

When alone, dogs will do as they please…

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