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day 2 of no dogs in the park

The human and I have started going on these walks in the mornings, he takes me to the dog playground on this road where many other humans are eating, jumping and walking, there are even smaller humans there. The thing is, we used to go at a different time of the day where there were dogs, and now I just find an empty dog place… and instead of humans of all sorts walking, I see other dogs sleeping on the floor – man, i could use a sleep too, its quite sunny out there.

Oh, i just recalled, today I saw chase, a nice white dog, though he prefers my human over me, he doesn’t really pay attention to me hmm, chase is good.

On the way back from the end of the walk, he took me into a new area, where I could smell something I had not before, it may be fish or crabs – but I don’t know what those things are. –

He dragged me on to the rocks, I was all dirty but I surely enjoyed the splashing water, I wish he let go of my leash so I could run around freely.

There was a moment when he pulled out his white box which has a strong light that blinds me and kept shouting – sit sit sit, I decided to ignore him and pay attention to the seagulls in the area, he took his time – I am not sure why he points that stuff to me all the time. – Although, I’ve seen him touch it and talk to it, then food appears to the door of our house. hmm

It has a been a good morning.

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