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I have met Hanif

Hey guys its Sunday today and i am feeling quite lazy. Kunal has been working quite hard recently and I havent seen Kiana around either.. hmm 

thinking about it, this week I have had quite the surprises, I was given brisket, some nice food and a huge bone that im kind of scared of.. 

ive tried to be nice for my master but im tired of being indoors all the time, i wish Kunal spent more time with me instead of work. 

Today I met one of his friends come over, he is called Hanif – I could sense he is sort of scared from dogs as he wasnt really playing from me but I made him my friend by being relaxed around him and gave him cuddles. I know I made friends with him – check me out in the pic, we are eye staring! I really enjoyed his company. 



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