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Puppy Eyes

It’s official, the dog is back on her period and wearing a diaper. It freaks some people out I tell you, the humanizing of animals and objects is not something to be taken lightly.

Although that’s not what I’m going for here, I just want to avoid my house becoming a huge blood stain. Why the baby diapers and not proper dog ones? Well that’s because it’s a ripoff to get proper dog ones and these ones do the job just fine.

To put it in numbers, average store brand baby diapers are 6Euros for 20 diapers. Doggy diapers you’re looking at 14 euros for 10 – that’s more than double! Just a marketing scheme and tail hole can’t justify these ridiculous costs.

Anyways, so the blood dripping makes Zelda a bit more docile than usual and here she is face buried in the sheets when I was preparing to leave for work.

Zelda in the sheet
Those eyes though

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